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Want to write better CTAs?

Get quick CTA writing tips, see some great CTAs in action and grab a tool to present better offers.


Chris J Wilson

Sep 10 2021

3 mins read


Good CTAs can increase clicks by 121% (Hubspot). That's why this whole edition is focused on improving your CTAs.

I'm not going to give you a complete guide but the magical Pareto 20% that leads to 80% improvement. 

If you want more on writing clickable CTAs, leave a comment at the bottom or send me a DM and I'll prepare an in-depth workshop

Right, let's dive in. 


I might give you a pass on your blog, but no CTA should every be "Read More" for two reasons.

1. Reading is active. It requires focus and attention.  

2. It doesn't give a reason why they should read.

But both of these are easy to change.

1. Use easy verb

A CTA that sounds easy or done for the reader is better than asking for a big commitment. You might think asking someone to read isn't a big request, but we all feel busier than ever.  

  • Get
  • Discover
  • Watch
  • Find out

Are better than verbs like "Read", "Pay" and "Subscribe" which can put the user off. 

There are exceptions for legal reasons (sometimes you have to tell the user they are going to pay) and when you can't change the button text, but you want any action to sound as easy as possible

2. Promise value

Instead of asking for something, you should offer something valuable to your reader. 

  • What can the do after reading the article?
  • What benefit will they receive?
  • What 

The simple tip to write a better CTA

Finish the sentence "I Want to..." and what they want. 

If the sentence doesn't sound appealing, then you need to focus on making the action easier, or promising more value. 

Let's browse some great examples...

CTAs you can't help but click


Instead of saying "sign up for premium", Spotify's CTA is Get (Done for you) 3 months free. It's asking you to agree to eventually give them money but it's presented as a gift that you just need to claim. 


Now Float's is a bit more active as it's "build" but it's still a ton better than "sign up".

An improvement might be "Create your first course in minutes" (highlighting how quickly you can turn notion docs into courses) or "Generate your first course now" (highlighting how little effort it is for the user). A final option might be "Start selling your first course" which appeals to the ultimate outcome but might turn off users who want to give a course away for free.


Seth Godin's altMBA invites you to stay up to date instead of subscribing. This is a benefit for the user and places the action on Seth, not the subscriber. 

Do you know any other great CTAs in the wild? Let me know!

Copy tool:


Speaking of calls to action, it's easier to write one when you can offer something to the subscriber. 

I picked up is my go to tool for creating lead magnets. 

You can create one from scratch, or import blog posts magically generate one in minutes. 

Once made, you can download as a PDF, or put as a magic document link so you can update or correct your document without needing to track down every version of it.

Note: this is an affiliate link.

Time to apply!

Don't let this knowledge sit, use it this week. Review your CTAs and update them.

If you'd like some feedback (or to show off!)send me an email or DM on Twitter.

See you next week.

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